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  1. Jamie Hawkesworth Exhibits Three Suns in London

  2. Andrew Bettles Shoots Cars and Watches for GQ Style

  3. Jamie Hawkesworth Shoots AW16 Menswear for Arena Homme +

  4. Ethan James Green Joins M.A.P

  5. Charlie Engman Shoots for Man About Town

  6. Jamie Hawkesworth Collaborates with Jonathan Anderson for Man About Town

  7. Nigel Shafran Photographs his Workbooks for Under The Influence

  8. Andreas Laszlo Konrath Photographs Reinventors for Document Journal

  9. Jamie Hawkesworth Photographs Grace Coddington for Document Journal Cover Story

  10. Jack Webb Shoots Pre-Fall 2016 Accessories for Gucci

  11. Derek Henderson Photographs Eric Bana for Mr Porter

  12. Dan Martensen Shoots Drake Burnette for Fat Magazine Cover Story

  13. David Benjamin Sherry Joins M.A.P

  14. Tyrone Lebon Shoots Archive Hysteric Glamour for Jean Magazine

  15. Will Davidson Photographs Finn Wittrock for Hercules

  16. James Mollison Photographs Valeria Napoleone and Her Art Collection for Christie’s Magazine

  17. Jamie Hawkesworth Exhibits A Short, Pleasurable Journey at Red Hook Labs, New York

  18. Andreas Laszlo Konrath Photographs Don Cheadle for Playboy