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  1. Jack Webb Shoots Diamonds for WSJ. Magazine

  2. Julia Noni Shoots for Twin

  3. Will Davidson Shoots for Unconditional

  4. Charles Dennington, Alan White and Kellie Stratton Shoot for Oyster

  5. Jack Webb Shoots Calvin Klein Platinum Accessories Campaign

  6. Michele McQuillan and Victoria Baron Shoot ‘Bazaar in Bloom’ for Harper’s Bazaar Australia

  7. Dan Martensen Photographs Evan Rachel Wood for Rolling Stone

  8. Will Davidson Shoots Malgosia Bela for Vogue Mexico Cover Story

  9. Charles Dennington Shoots Jacquelyn Jablonski for Oyster

  10. Jamie Hawkesworth Shoots for Arena Homme +

  11. Jamie Hawkesworth Exhibits ‘An Endless Rhythm’ at J.W.Anderson Workshops, London

  12. Charles Dennington Joins M.A.P Sydney

  13. Ethan James Green Shoots for Arena Homme +

  14. Julia Noni Joins M.A.P

  15. Nigel Shafran Shoots Sies Marjan Spring 2017 Campaign

  16. Ethan James Green Photographs Queens Center for Gay Seniors for Man About Town

  17. Christian MacDonald Shoots for Vogue Italia

  18. Andreas Laszlo Konrath Shoots Mikhail Baryshnikov, Harvey Keitel, Wiz Khalifa and Mark Hamill for Rag & Bone