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  1. Derek Henderson Shoots Fashion for Russh

  2. Derek Henderson Photographs Utopian Communities for Mastermind Launch Issue

  3. Derek Henderson Shoots Aitutaki Island for At Large Cover Story

  4. Derek Henderson Shoots Roy Montgomery for The Wire

  5. Derek Henderson Shoots for Inprint

  6. Derek Henderson & Kellie Stratton Shoot for Love Want

  7. Derek Henderson Photographs Wellington, New Zealand for The Monocle Escapist

  8. Derek Henderson Shoots Cowboy Looks for GQ Australia

  9. Derek Henderson Shoots the Lexus GS 350 F Sport in Melbourne for Beyond by Lexus Magazine

  10. Derek Henderson Photographs Ryan Corr for GQ Australia

  11. Derek Henderson, Michele McQuillan & Kellie Stratton Shoot Fashion for Remix

  12. Derek Henderson Shoots Aēsop Antioxidants Campaign

  13. Derek Henderson Photographs Lewis Hamilton for Vogue Australia

  14. Derek Henderson & Jenny Kim Shoot Eric Bana for Mr Porter

  15. Derek Henderson Shoots Fashion for Elle Australia

  16. Derek Henderson Photographs Patagonia for Holiday Cover Story

  17. Derek Henderson, Michele McQuillan & Victoria Baron Shoot Fashion for Love Want

  18. Derek Henderson & Michele McQuillan Shoot Teresa Palmer for Elle Australia Cover Story