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  1. Nicole Bentley Shoots Jordan Barrett for GQ Australia

  2. Nicole Bentley and Kellie Stratton Shoot Fashion for Vogue Australia

  3. Ethan James Green Shoots AW17 Menswear for Alexander McQueen

  4. Paul Wetherell Shoots for Replica Man

  5. Julia Noni Photographs Petra Collins for Vanity Fair

  6. Ethan James Green Shoots Fashion for

  7. Jamie Hawkesworth Shoots J.W.Anderson SS17 Campaign

  8. Angelo Pennetta Photographs Goat Girl for Beat Cover Story

  9. Will Davidson and Christine Centenera Shoot Nicole Kidman for Vogue Australia Cover Story

  10. Ethan James Green Shoots Trans Pioneers for Candy Cover Story

  11. Jamie Hawkesworth Shoots for Print Publication Launch Issue

  12. Angelo Pennetta Shoots for Print Publication Launch Issue

  13. Derek Henderson Shoots Aitutaki Island for At Large Cover Story

  14. Andreas Laszlo Konrath Photographs Matthew McConaughey for Playboy

  15. Andrew Bettles Shoots Vhernier Campaign

  16. Christine Centenera Styles Julia Nobis for Vogue Australia Cover Story

  17. Jack Webb Shoots Diamonds for WSJ. Magazine

  18. Julia Noni Shoots for Twin