1. Derek Henderson Photographs New Zealand’s Wilding Pines for Atmos

    Derek Henderson photographed the invasive wilding pines that have been threatening New Zealand's eco-system for the new issue of Atmos Magazine.

    From Derek's text accompanying the images: "It’s not the wilding pine’s fault that it spreads and loves the conditions in New Zealand. These were mistakes made over 100 years ago, when the pines were introduced and we as humans didn’t understand the impact they would have on the local environment. If left unchecked, it will cost the New Zealand government anywhere between one and five billion NZD just to control the spread of the pines. This is about balance and compromise, it’s about education and understanding. People need to live a meaningful life and feel part of a community and care about their environment at the same time. But life, just by its nature, is complicated, and it’s not as easy as it sounds to do those things. How do we feed all the people in the world? Where do they live? I feel most people are aware of these problems now, though, and are prepared to at least take action to balance the natural world with our own desires and needs to live a fulfilling life." 

    Atmos, Volume 03, April 2020. Photography by Derek Henderson.