1. Théo de Gueltzl Shoots ‘Mythscapes’ Photographic Essay for Acne Paper

    The relaunch issue of Acne Paper features Mythscapes, a photographic essay by Théo de Gueltzl with text by Sophie Strobele.

    Mythscapes focuses on the relationship between humans and their environment in two areas along the Amazon River basin: the Cerros de Mavecure on the Inírida River, and Mitú on the Vaupés River. One of the most isolated cities of Colombia, Mitú accounts for an out- standing ethnic diversity, hosting twenty-six different communities of ancestral indigenous origin, each speaking a different dialect. The Cerros de Mavecure, three hills sacred to the Puinave and Curripaco Indians, are the setting for countless stories related to the crea- tion history and origins of indigenous culture. Unforgettably, both Mavecure and Mitú remain tragic historic sites of the exploitation of rubber and the brutal enslavement of the indigenous population. The following text gives a modest insight into the cultural richness and diversity of the indigenous population of the north-west Amazon basin and explores the relation between human and nature for two different indigenous tribes, the Puinave community of Cerros de Mavecure and the Tukano Indians of Mitú.

    To read the full essay on Théo de Gueltzl's website click here.

    Acne Paper, Issue 16, A/W 2021. Photography by Théo de Gueltzl, text by Sophie Strobele.